Demon Lords, Abominations & Sorcerer-Kings

On the unwelcoming world of Athas, a sorcere-king stirred, long-forgotten and betrayed by everyone. His bastard son ruled in his place, where his should be the name to be spoken in terror amongs the denizens of Draj: Tectutitlay. Deep inside the sand he waited, sending his thought to countless dimensions, preparing his followers for his coming.

But a series of events led a small band of escapees from the doomed life of a gladiator to him. Another fated event on the multitudes of planes, where noone had ever heard of the small world of Athas.

Tectitutlay was the lord of nightmares. Those nightmares he chose to invade and re-emerge in the desert world of Athas through the sleep of everyone. But the region of dreams, the place where the dreams and nightmares of mortals collide and stir like a blazing cauldron, was the homeground of an abomination spawned by the dark and vile dreams of deities long gone.

The attempts of the sorcerer-king to be reborn through the dreams of his son placed him and his followers clashing with this strange abominations. And he lost. The loser is tossed to the pit on Athasm so the sorcerer-king knew. But the abomination tossed him even further. Away from his home plane, tumbling through the planes he found himself in an unwelcoming place, filled with rules, gods and – worst of all – goodness.

But at least his followers were with him. And more would come in his quest to complete what he could not manage in Athas. Even if that meant never going back…

Planescape - Demon Lords, Abominations & Sorcerer Kings

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